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    Alliances/Group creation

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    Alliances/Group creation Empty Alliances/Group creation

    Post  Dinivan on Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:04 am

    One of the greatest features of the tournament is that you can form your own alliances. Each alliance is given their own forum. There are two types of alliances in this game: closed alliances, and open alliances. To form an alliance, you must first either select a leader, or become the leader yourself.

    Alliance leaders are able to:

    -Accept or deny members into the alliance
    -Moderate the alliance forum(sticky topics, edit posts, etc.)
    -Disband the alliance
    -Buy special alliance items
    -Kick an alliance member at any time

    -Types of alliances-

    Open alliance:

    -These alliances are free to create
    -The alliance and it's members will be displayed in the "Groups" section of the tournament.
    - Members are able to freely apply to join, and the alliance leader will choose to either accept or deny people wishing to join.

    Closed alliance:

    -There is a $20,000 fee to create this type.
    -The alliance and it's members will be invisible from all users not in the alliance. They will not be found on the "Groups" section of the forums.
    -Members who wish to join must be invited by the alliance leader

    -Alliance upgrades-

    Alliance leaders of both alliance types are able to purchase "upgrades" to enhance their alliance. Some will require every member of the alliance to agree in order to purchase, and some may be purchased by the alliance owner at any time. Available upgrades and their cost will be posted in every alliance thread(you won't be able to see them until you are in an alliance)and we may add more at any time, so make sure to keep checking!

    -Questions and answers-

    Q: How do I make/disband/leave an alliance?
    A: Simply PM a dealer with the type of alliance you wish to create/PM a dealer/PM a dealer.

    Q: Can we join more than one alliance?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Can we create more than one alliance?
    A: No.

    Q: What if I am not in the same game as my alliance members?
    A: You could purchase an item to switch groups. Cool

    Q: What if our alliance member becomes inactive/leaves the game?
    A: He/she must transfer ownership before leaving. If the player fails to do so, then the players in the alliance must vote on who they would like as leader.

    Q: Can we leave an alliance at any time?
    A: Yes, however there is a $10,000 fee.

    Q: If I disband an alliance, what happens to the upgrades I purchased?
    A: They got lost in space never to be seen again. Upgrades do not transfer to your next alliance, seeing as you do not own them, the alliance did.

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