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    -Pregame Day 9-

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    -Pregame Day 9-

    Post  Dinivan on Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:31 am

    Zombehs and Azazel join forces to shoot The Great Leon. The Great Leon just laughs as he shoots them before they get a chance, bringing The Great Leon up to 14 points, making him leader. Lights and Haydenish take no action.

    Current standings:

    Solei Sama: -5
    Meganekko: -9
    Azazel: -2
    AliasXandeux: -10
    The Great Leon: 14
    Lights: -4
    Haydenish: 11
    The Kittycat: 3
    Zombehs: -6
    BlackCat: -5
    Sharpie: 7
    Darkeman: -13
    Dimentio: 12

    The attackers for Day 9 are as follows:


    The attackers and defenders have 24 hours to PM me their actions. Those who do not PM, will take no action.

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