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    -Pregame Final Day Results-

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    -Pregame Final Day Results-

    Post  Dinivan on Fri Oct 14, 2011 11:44 pm

    The final night has just ended! Sharpie and Solei Sama started off the day by shooting Dimentio! Dimentio shot himself, putting him at a tie with The Great Leon! Darkeman also shoots himself, but to no avail! Meganekko and The Kittycat fire at Haydenish, who counters, putting him at 14 points! What an exciting conclusion!

    Current standings:

    Solei Sama: -13
    Meganekko: -13
    Azazel: -10
    AliasXandeux: -14
    The Great Leon: 24
    Lights: -4
    Haydenish: 14
    The Kittycat: -1
    Zombehs: -8
    BlackCat: -5
    Sharpie: 7
    Darkeman: -18
    Dimentio: 24

    The final results are:

    1st place: Dimentio/The Great Leon

    2nd place: Haydenish

    3rd place: Sharpie

    All 4 of them will be going to the finals for the face-off.

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