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    Achievement Trophies Empty Achievement Trophies

    Post  Dinivan on Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:38 pm

    What are Achievment Trophies?

    They are little awards given to players as the tournament progresses. Think of them as incentives to do well and play your best game.

    What are Stars?

    Stars are visible underneath your name. They act as a general gloating tool displaying how much of a star player you are (a.k.a. General Awesome Levels). To get a Star, you need Trophies. You get 1 Star for 1 platinum trophy, 2 Gold Trophies, for 4 Silver Trophies, for 6 Bronze Trophies.

    Is there any advantage to having a high star level?

    Who knows?

    Can I sell my Trophies for money?

    No. They're too invaluable to be melted down. Keep them for the grandchildren.

    Can I swap Trophies with a friend?

    No. Why would you want to? They should get their own!

    What's special about these Trophies?

    They reward savvy gameplay, entice active participation and offer suggestions and encouragement if you're feeling stuck. They are divided into bronze, silver or gold awards, depending on how difficult the achievement is deemed to be.

    Who can see my awards?

    Just you and the dealers. They are stored on your private boards. A lot of people are going to owe a lot of money, and we can't have them tempted to touch your precious silverware with their filthy hands, right?

    But I want to gloat!

    Take a screencap. We're not forbidding you to discuss your success. But we are allowing the option of discretion.

    Can you tell me if a player has earned a Trophy or not?

    No. We shall never say, for the reason above. But you can get a general idea of their achievement levels based on how many Stars they have.

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