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    Post  Dinivan on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:16 pm

    In order to become a part of the game, you must create a player thread for yourself. You must follow the form provided, and then post your introduction on this forum. Here's the format you must follow:


    Code Name:(What would you like your user name to be? It does not have to be a Japanese name. You can call yourself Gray Fox, Liar Man, etc. This name will appear to forum users and you will use it to log in!)

    ^ ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Your log-in will change to the name you chose. So, if you can't log in, try logging in with the name you chose. Also, you can use spaces in the name/login.

    Age:(You can use your real age or make something up.)

    Picture: (Provide us with link to a picture of someone that describes you. This will not appear as your profile avatar. Please do not use [img], just provide a link, due to sizing issues.

    MSN: (Please provide us with your MSN. It is highly recommended that you create one for this game, or use your personal MSN.) If you do not have one, simply put "None".

    Purpose:(Why did you join the tournament?)

    Skills/Hobbies:(What do you like to do?)

    Biography:(Make this whatever you want. It can be as long as you want. You can talk about your favorite music, brag, talk about your life, lie, etc.)


    Here is an example of what I would like to see:

    Name: Agent Spider

    Age: 19



    Purpose: To take down the competition and become the top.

    Skills: Juggling, manipulation, plotting.

    Biography: Hello, I am Agent Spider, also known as Jason Vandorth. I have joined the Liar Game in order to manipulate the competition and prove that I can wrap the players mind up in my web of lies. I am looking for maybe two or three allies in this game who will help fulfill my desires.

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