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    Post  Dinivan on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:29 pm

    Welcome to the Liar Game tournament. You may be wondering, "What is the Liar Game Tournament?" If you would like a plot synopsis of the manga, please click here. If you would like to read the manga, please click here, or for the live-action drama click here

    The Liar Game Tournament Online Game

    The tournament is a large-scale multiplayer social experiment and gaming experience that will test your initiative, prowess, and strategical thinking.

    The premise is quite similar to the source material: You play a character who has been drawn into this game. You must overcome opponents and win a cash prize. As you advance, you play a new game. Different format, different opponents, bigger prizes. The game continues until we crown the true Liar King.

    If you are eliminated, then your journey ends. Avoid debt as much as you can, because in this tournament, money makes the world go round.

    LGT Online's Game Structure

    The tournament's construction largely consists of two types of games: Main Rounds and Revival Rounds.

    A Main Round is when contestants battle one another to advance to the next round. These are high-stakes games, and may test different skills: your persuasion skills, for example, or your deduction skills, and so forth.

    If you win a round, you will advance automatically to the next stage of the competition. If you fail, you will go to a Revival Round. Do not be disheartened: your game is not yet run!

    A Revival Round is a game where you're fighting for something equally valuable: your survival in the tournament. For many players, this is their last chance to keep on playing. As before, games will vary. Do everything in your power to stay alive. Once you're finished, you're eliminated from the contest. If you succeed, you advance to the next Main Round.

    All rounds will play for in-game money. You will fight not only for survival, but also for this money. Please note that any deficits will continue with you as you proceed; likewise, any money you gain is your personal profit.

    Also: winning cash and winning a game are rarely the same thing. You might win a round, but lose a fortune in the process, so be careful, OK?


    The prize for winning this game is the greatest of life's treasures....being crowned the King/Queen of Liars! You'll also receive a $150.00 Visa gift card that will be mailed to the address you provide if you win, but that's nothing compared to the title of King/Queen of Liars!

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