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    A background of the Liar Game

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    A background of the Liar Game Empty A background of the Liar Game

    Post  Dinivan on Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:24 pm


    A hopelessly naive 18-year-old Japanese college student discovers a mysterious package on her doorstep one day. Recklessly, she opens it, and finds it full of banknotes, to the tune of 100 million yen. With it come an envelope of instructions, informing her of her challenge: She was to be given an opponent, and a month to steal as much of their money as possible. If she ended the month in profit, she would be allowed to keep that surplus. If she finished in defeat, she would be forced the compensate for any debts she had incurred.

    Such was the cruel nature of the Liar Game.

    Her opponent turned out to be none other than her retired middle-school teacher. Trusting him blindly, she entrusted her entire stash of money to him, thereby falling immediately into a dangerous disadvantage.

    Cue an encounter with a former swindler, recently released from prison. After hearing her predicament, he promises to help her get her money back from the teacher, and works around the clock to make it happen. Sure enough, the month ends, and she has acquired the full 100 million yen of her opponent, plus her original stake; an overwhelming victory.

    However, pained with a guilty conscience, she cannot leave her former teacher to shoulder such an impossibly high debt. She returns her share to him at once, hoping that he would learn to regain some faith in mankind.

    Unfortunately, it is not long until she receives another letter from the Liar Game tournament, inviting her to the next stage of the contest, unless she elects to drop out. However, by returning her share back to the teacher, she loses the ability to quit the contest, and is thereby compelled to continue playing the game. Soon, she is exposed to challenges that test the limits of her abilities to doubt, trust and believe in others, and as she discovers the true levels of human avarice, the naive student begins to realize she must fight this battle of wits her own way, after all.....

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