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    Bank/Items/Transfers Empty Bank/Items/Transfers

    Post  Dinivan on Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:54 pm

    Every player in this game has their own personal bank, located in their personal player board. Their items and bank balance are found within this board.


    -Can be purchased from the Item Shop at any time
    -Can be traded with other players for cash or other items(or both)
    -A player is limited to carry up to 3 items
    -Some items are round-specific. These will disappear after the round ends.


    -You may transfer cash or items with any other player in the game.
    -To give another player cash, simply PM a dealer with the player whom you would like to give cash to.
    -In a trade, make sure the other player involved in the trade PM's the same trade request you do.

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